Title : Compagnons

Author : Franck Médioni

730 dollars / 650 euros


Printed in 8 copies on 220 gr Arches paper.

Enhanced with original photographs from the artist

Each book is numbered and signed. 

Book’s dimensions : 33  x  26 x  3,5 cm.


Louis Sclavis (born in 1953 in Lyon) is a clarinetist, composer of jazz and photographer of the jazz world.  To this day, he made several exhibitions. 

For our book, Louis Sclavis made four original prints of photographs representing his musician friends. These photos are presented in a nice box containing a text by Franck Médioni.



Titre : Compagnons

Auteur : Franck Médioni

650 euros / 730 dollars

Imprimé en 8 exemplaires sur papier Arches de 220g.

Enrichi de photographies originales de l’artiste

Chaque livre est numéroté et signé.

Dimensions du livre :33 x 26  x  3,5 cm