Title : JAZZ
Author : Zéno Bianu
Size : 42 cm x 33 cm
Price : 1950 euros / 2466 dollars
Sold out

Printed in 6 copies on Lana laid paper,
numbered and signed by the artist,
enhanced with 13 original and three watercolours.


Michel Mousseau was born in Anjou. He works and lives in Paris.
His work is influenced by the way colors interact with each other.

The surface becomes a theater where shapes conflict and build a poetic space. 


Titre : JAZZ

Auteur : Zeno Bianu

Dimensions : 42 cm x 33 cm

Prix : 1950 euros / 2466 euros


Ouvrage tiré à 6 exemplaires
sur Lana Vergé, numéroté et signé,
enrichis de treize gouaches originales de l’artiste.